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Are you hesitant to plan your travels because of COVID? Let me help you.

Planning a trip can be stressful and time-consuming, especially in these strange times where we are not sure about how and where to travel. For the last 10 years, I have helped over 100 people plan their travels abroad, to almost any country in the world. I must be honest that I have not been to the USA and Canada (visa-wise, it’s hard for me as a Philippine passport holder). But that did not stop me to explore Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America. I always believed there’s a way through these loopholes and I managed to pull through! I have been to over 90 countries and half of them, I lived in full-time.


Well, I am not saying that you do need it but I guess it’s pretty hard to do things on your own for the first time, right? When I first started this venture, I did not have anyone to tell me what to do and it was really difficult! If you are a first-time solo traveler, this is where I come in. I promise you, you won’t have to do anything by yourself. I won’t teach you – but I will push you.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been coaching people on how to live a life of travel. You might wonder how can one teach another person to travel? Well, my travel courses online are very specific on backpacking and long-term travel. Most of these classes and workshops will prepare you to live a life of travel (meaning, traveling all your life). Well, I don’t want to make it sound easy but what I realized is that when I started traveling 12 years ago, there was no one to guide or teach me how to do it. With this, I opened these courses 3 years ago and I have had regular students, since!

Private consult with Trisha

What clients say about this service

I recently decided to leave my job in New York City and had never been to Mexico prior to embarking on a digital nomadic journey. Fortunately in my research I was able to come across Trisha’s insightful blog which provided me with an incredible amount of initial information. I decided to schedule a direct conversation and can’t express how happy I am to have done so. In just one hour, Trisha provided a wealth of knowledge from her years of experience in Mexico and immediately connected me with numerous contacts to help facilitate my journey. I can not recommend her highly enough!

I already learned a lot from Trisha's blog posts about digital nomads but there was a need to reach out to her for a personal consult. She did not fail me! She is very knowledgeable about local destinations. She also gave me digital nomad tips that I used a lot during my transition. She is like a walking guide book for digital nomads! Her services are highly recommended. Her big beautiful smile also gave me a lot of encouragement! Buena chica!

Trisha helped me start a digital nomad lifestyle in 2021. I booked a one-hour session and felt like I learned a lot within the hour. All her tips are very helpful and she also provided local contacts. I am not into my month 3 of my journey as a digital nomad in Mexico. Without Trisha's local expertise, I would not have known anything about Mexico. Highly recommended, really sweet and kind person!

We hired Trisha as a trip planner for my family's Sayulita trip. We totally saved a lot of money because of her local contacts. We also got a lot of Airbnb discounts! She is very generous with information and what we love the most about this trip is that Trisha gave us a different view about the local life in Sayulita. We love how we are able to contribute to the family-run businesses that she recommended. Trisha is the best and I will pay her double next time! She's great! Highly recommended!

I booked a coaching session with Trish because I have always dreamed of backpacking South America. With her years of experience traveling the world, she's the perfect person to talk to. Aside from safety concerns of traveling solo and securing visa, what's holding me back from starting my journey was finding a legitimate work online, part time jobs and which country I should start. Trish sent me links of websites where I can look for jobs and where to find volunteering opportunities in exchange for free food and accommodation. I had a lot of fears and hesitations prior to the coaching session. Thanks for the motivation and addressing my concerns before I embark on my own journey. I found a person I can relate to. I hope to meet you soon! Writing this from Siquihor!

Sometimes you just need that extra nudge and that is what I found in my consult with Trisha, and then some. I have been wrestling with my wanderlust for years and making excuses as to why it has to be postponed or isn’t worth exploring. It was comforting to speak freely with someone about my fears with traveling on a permanent basis. Trisha gave me honest answers, reassured me and even introduced me to others who could help me. It was definitely time and money well spent.

I enrolled for Trisha’s course to discover how to be a digital nomad and understand the various ways on how I can survive, once I’m finally out there. She delivered everything I needed to know and more! I also learned the value of listening to my inner thoughts and preferences, instead of basing my decisions on someone else’s experiences. Thank you, Trisha!

I’ve been blogging for a very long time now, but it wasn’t until I enrolled in Trisha’s Travel Coaching did I realize that I still have so many things to improve on. Not only did she teach me new things, she also opened doors for me. Through her, I was able to connect to a community of travelers and bloggers. Trisha’s a great blog mentor and enrolling in one of her courses is totally worth every penny!

Thank you for sharing your time and stories with me! The consultation was very casual and I like that. It’s like speaking with an old friend. You were able to paint me a picture of how you live a life of travel through your teaching, volunteer, and online jobs. You were also able to provide me with information as to where and how I should start a similar journey. So thank you!

Hire Trisha as a trip planner

Guaranteed local experiences

The bulk of Trisha’s round the world travels is all about local family stay. She makes sure that she gets to know how a local family eats, cooks, and sleeps. When COVID-19 hit, Trisha did not travel a lot so she started a local TV show in Sayulita, Mexico where she went around town to film family-run businesses.

She believes that most destinations are already stable when it comes to hotels, luxury accommodations, and things to do. What we don’t actually remember to highlight is the local life in the places we visit. Trisha is well-connected in every local community anywhere in the world. She can help you have a more authentic experience. At the same time, you are also supporting these communities Trisha is trying to support.

Hire Trisha as a trip planner

Fluency in different languages

Did you know that Trisha is fluent (communicative) in 7 different languages? That’s right! Whenever she’s staying in a place, she makes sure to stay for a minimum of three months to learn the language. When Trisha stayed with a local family in Colombia, she felt very uncomfortable because she spoke zero Spanish. A family is being generous to her and she can’t even communicate with them at the dinner table. That inspired her to push herself to learn languages mainly because she does not want to look stupid, especially with host families.

In all of her travels, she also realized how speaking the local language can be a gateway to discounts and better knowledge about local communities. She found out that experiences are not the same if you don’t speak the local language. You really miss on a lot!

Hire Trisha as a trip planner

Supporting local communities all over the world

Do you realize how expensive tours are if you book them with a travel agency? Trisha only recommends activities and tours run by local families and individuals. Meaning, she talks to them directly to give you a great price for the activities that you want to avail. More importantly, she encourages her trip planning clients to not be exaggerated about tips. She made a course for local communities in Mexico teaching locals how not to look at foreigners as walking dollar bills. Most of the tours that Trisha recommended for her clients are not on any tour booking platform.

Hire Trisha as a trip planner

Big discounts on accommodations

As a professional travel blogger, Trisha worked with over 200 hotels all over the world creating content like professional photos and virtual tours. She developed a good working relationship with these hotels and accommodations so she always manages to get discounts for her clients. Whether be it a luxury vacation villa or a hostel, Trisha can hook you up on the best accommodation deals all over the planet.

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Choose any country you want in the world

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