My favorite Mazunte hotels plus an introduction to the Mazunte layout

Get to know the best Mazunte hotels through this guide including distance from center, prices, and honest reviews. Mazunte is one of the best in the Oaxacan coast so make sure to add it to your itinerary!

Reader Mail: Trish, I love your recent Mazunte trip! I wouldn’t even think Mazunte is open if I did not see your Instagram stories! I’ve been planning to travel to Mazunte and Oaxaca for a long-time now but I did not see any current travel updates. Glad I found you on social media! I want to do a Oaxaca road trip like you did. What do you think is the best hotel in Mazunte? Or if I am traveling solo, do you recommend just stay in a hostel? I would love to pick your brain when you have the time. Mazunte is one of my dream destinations and I hope you can help me plan my trip! Thank you so much!

Hi Laura,

I am also glad you’ve joined my Instagram tribe! This is my second time in Mazunte and you’re right – small towns like this don’t really get a lot of attention but I guess that’s the beauty of it. I was just there last month and I am glad I visited during the high season. The weather is way different than my first trip.

I stayed in many Mazunte hotels and I have my very own favorites. In my private travel consultation sessions, I always discuss the distance of these hotels to the center. If you are traveling solo, of course, I’d recommend you to stay in hostels so you can easily make friends but if you want a quiet Mazunte vacation, hotels are also a good option.

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In this post, I listed down all my favorite Mazunte hotels including their walking distance to town. Please note that Mazunte is a walking town so you don’t really need public transportation inside. You can also rent motorbikes if you like but the roads are very steep so I don’t recommend it if you’re not a good bike driver.

Thanks again for reaching out and I hope you make it to Mazunte! If you have additional questions that wasn’t answered in this post, feel free to get in touch with me via Instagram. Happy travels!


Understanding the Mazunte layout

When looking for the best Mazunte hotels, most booking platforms won’t really explain the distance from the city center. Although Mazunte is a small town, you need to understand the layout — some of the places to stay in Mazunte are located in hills that is far away from the center. If that’s the kind of vacation you want (meaning, low-key and 100% no socialization) then feel free to book any hotels in Mazunte without knowing the distance from the restaurants, coffee shops, and beaches.

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In this post, I will explain to you the distance of these Mazunte hotels to everything you need access to. This is very important if you want to socialize and see the local life in this small town. Mazunte is one of Mexico’s pueblo Magico so I highly recommend you to explore the area and not just stay in your hotel. All of these accommodations are certified COVID clean and as usual, I will never recommend anything I do not believe in nor don’t have any experience with.

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The best Mazunte hotels

My top pick: Balamjuyuc Mazunte

Every time I visit Mazunte, I make exclusively just stay here because I love this place! It’s located on top of a hill with great views and it’s not so far from the center. A family room starts at $45 USD per night only. These are small cabañas so don’t expect a 5-star treatment. I do guarantee a very local and authentic stay if you choose Balamjuyuc as your Mazunte hotel.

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I stayed here in April 2021 with friends. We paid $45 USD per night for a basic family room with a terrace (ocean view).

It’s also right next to Punta Cometa so you’ll have easy access to this very popular site in Mazunte. There’s no AC but you can always ask for an extra fan. Most of the cabañas have a terrace so you can enjoy the natural breeze coming from the ocean. There are also mosquito nets but please know that Balamjuyuc is very basic accommodation.

➢ Check Balamjuyuc Mazunte prices on »

Beachfront Mazunte Hotel: Casa Lu

Starting at $200 USD per night, Casa Lu is located on the beachfront and is about 10 minutes walk to the city center where all the bars and restaurants are. Within its vicinity, there are bars nearby but of course, since this is beachfront, expect higher prices. Oh, they also have their own bar!

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The staff is super friendly and they’re always cleaning! They also have their own pool overlooking the beach so expect privacy. This hotel in Mazunte is ideal for couples and families traveling with kids.

➢ Check Casa Lu Mazunte prices on: BOOKING.COM | AGODA | EXPEDIA

Best in Value: Cocolia Hotel Mazunte

Cocolia Hotel Mazunte is about 22 minutes walk to the center. If you think about it, that’s not really a long walk because the roads in Mazunte are safe and not that busy. I awared Cocolia as best in value because you can get a nice accommodation for two people for only $75 USD per night!

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This hotel has a pool and has ocean views. This hotel is really spacious and is great for couples and big groups. Since it’s a long walk to town, I don’t recommend this to families traveling with kids unless you are traveling with a car.

➢ Check Cocolia Mazunte Hotel prices on: BOOKING.COM | EXPEDIA


Best in location: Zoa Hotel

Zoa Hotel is an easy 10-minute walk from great digital nomad cafes like Chido Wan, located in the heart of town. It is located on a private beach so this is best for those who are looking for a great staycation in Mazunte. Starting at $200 USD per night, Zoa is one of my top picks in Mazunte as I feel like it’s a really good place for privacy, especially for those who are not comfortable in socializing because of COVID.

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I’m sure you have those days when you don’t really want to explore a certain destination and just find a home away from home. Zoa fits that profile. Within the property, you can take yoga classes daily. They also have a restaurant with locally sourced ingredients. They have their own orchard where they grow their food!

➢ Check Zoa Hotel Mazunte prices on: BOOKING.COM | AGODA | EXPEDIA

Breakfast included: Hotel Pochote Mazunte

When on vacation, most travelers opt for a breakfast inclusion in all the bookings. Actually, this is an extra when you book. I just highly recommend their breakfast because it’s really good! For only $7 USD per person, you can add your breakfast to your accommodation booking, but only when you book on

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This is also very close to the center as it is on the main avenue of Mazunte. A double room starts at $43 USD for two people. This is a highly recommended Mazunte hotel for couples! All rooms have AC so this is the perfect accommodation when you visit Mazunte in the summer.

➢ Check Hotel Pochote Mazunte prices on: BOOKING.COM | AGODA | EXPEDIA

Best vacation home: Villa Luna de Miel

Villa Luna de Miel is a private villa that is in high demand because you will get to have the home to yourself! Luna de miel means “honeymoon” translated from English to Spanish so this is highly recommended for couple travelers. I booked this with a few friends for a small party and it still worked.

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It has a beautiful ocean view and the palapa roof protects the villa from the intense heat. You just need to be mindful of mosquitos as some of us got attacked during the night. I am so thankful mosquitos don’t like me so this isn’t really a concern for me when traveling. Just bring a mosquito repellent or ask for an extra net for your bed and you should be fine.

➢ Check Villa Luna de Miel prices on: BOOKING.COM | AGODA | EXPEDIA

Best in design: Carpe Diem Casitas and Villas Mazunte

I love Carpe Diem Casitas! For its private location, it’s not that expensive and I really really love the design of this villa. You can get a double room here for only $85 USD per night (for 2 pax). This room has air conditioning, a patio overlooking the ocean, a bathtub, and an outdoor dining table. It really is one of the best Mazunte hotels I’ve stayed in!

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It’s also super close to Mermejita Beach (about 300m), one of the most visited beaches in Mazunte. This is a pet-friendly accommodation so bring all the gang!

➢ Check Carpe Diem Casitas and Villas prices on: BOOKING.COM | AGODA | EXPEDIA

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