belize visa for filipinos

How to apply for a Belize visa for Filipinos in Mexico (or any other country)

Belize visa for Filipinos: you can apply for it anywhere in the world. You don’t necessarily have to do this while you are in the Philippines. This post is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for your Belize tourist visa in Mexico City.

Reader Mail: Hello, Trisha! Love your blog. It’s really helpful for Filipino travelers like me! I am currently in Mexico and I would like to go to Belize as my next destination. I saw on Instagram that you applied for a Belize visa (like you, I do not have a valid USA/CA or Schengen visa). Is the visa application for Filipinos hard? Can I also apply while I am in Mexico? I hope you can help. Thank you so much!
– Anna Gorton, Philippines

Hi Anna!

I am glad you’re in Mexico and that you’re choosing Belize as your next destination! Not a lot of people go there and I am sure you are going to love it! The visa application in Belize for Filipinos is super easy and you can apply it anywhere – you don’t have to be in the Philippines to do this. All consulates/embassies of Belize all over the world can process your visa even if you are not a resident of the country you are in.

I will discuss the step-by-step process of how to apply for a Belize visa for Filipinos in this post. If you have more questions, feel free to get in touch with me via Instagram.

Good luck and I hope you make it!


Belize was part of my Latin America backpacking trip from 2013 – 2016 and I really loved it! I was already there twice, and in one of those instances, I applied for the visa when I was already at the border. Due to COVID protocols, all land borders of Belize are closed – you need to fly in order to enter Belize. I find land border applications easier as they can give it to you for shorter days but in 2021, they do not allow visa applications at the Mexican-Belize border anymore.

Is Belize open for tourism?

Yes! Belize is open for tourism and is one of my favorite destinations to visit in Central America! Many people think Belize is very expensive (Maldives style) but it really isn’t! Like many other countries, they have implemented some COVID protocols to continue accepting tourists in Belize. Here’s what you need to know before you visit Belize:

Before you go

You can only go to Belize if you book a hotel that is part of their Gold Standard accommodations. You can see the full list of hotels here. Please note that the hotel reservation is one of the requirements in applying for a Belize visa for Filipinos. Belize is known for luxury resorts but in the visa requirements section of this post, I will suggest 10 of the cheapest hotels I found in Belize that is part of the Gold Standard program.

If you are already got a COVID vaccine, you need to bring your proof of vaccine but they are only accepting vaccines administered 2 weeks before your arrival date. I didn’t get the vaccine yet but I was a bit confused with this rule since I thought that COVID vaccines are a one-time thing. If you are not vaccinated yet, you need to bring a negative PCR test valid within 96 hours prior to arrival. Antigen tests are accepted, too (valid within 48 hours).

Then you need to register in the Belize Health app. At present, the Belize health app is only available in the Apple Store which you can download here. If you are an Android user, you can download the app using an apk file here, until the app is available in the Google store.

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belize visa for filipinos

The Great Blue Hole in Belize is one of my favorite diving spots in the world!

Arrival in Belize

All passengers arriving in Belize are asked to go straight to the Hospitality Meet and Greet where you will undergo a health screening. Health officials will review your registration to the health app and check if your COVID test is still valid when you arrive. If not, there are testing centers in the airport as well but don’t worry, this will rarely happen. If it does, the testing fee at the arrivals area in Belize costs $50 USD.

After this, you will be directed to Immigration and Customs where the officials will review your documents (i.e. visa). This is a smooth process when you already have the visa in your passport. As soon as you’re cleared, you can claim your baggage and exit the airport. At the arrivals gate, your Gold Standard accommodation (hotel you booked your stay with) representative will be there waiting for you. The transport is included.


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Belize visa for Filipinos: step-by-step guide

Step 1: Check if you need a visa to Belize

Philippine passport holders who hold VALID USA, Canada, and Schengen visas are not required to apply for the Belize tourist visa. You can simply arrive and show them your valid visa (any of the three) then you are good to go! However, if you do not have any of these visas, follow the steps below. The Belize visa for Filipinos application is super easy so don’t worry about it! You will definitely get the visa.

For travelers with Filipino passports, I always tell them that having a USA/CA/Schengen visa while traveling Latin America is a big help. You will be also visa-free to countries like Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, etc if you have these valid visas. No need to go to the Embassy!

Please note that I do not have a USA/Canada or Schengen visa so I have to do the traditional visa application process for all my travels in Latin America.

Step 2: Gather the documents

I applied for the Belize visa in Mexico and here’s the list of documents they asked me. It’s pretty short and easy to obtain. However, if you are applying in another country, you need to get in touch with their consulate/embassy as they may require a different set of documents.

  1. Duly filled out the application form. You can download it here. Make sure to write diligently and don’t miss any item blank.
  2. Photocopy of valid passport (data pages only). You should also bring your passport during the interview because this is where they are going to paste your visa.
  3. A letter indicating the reason for the trip, itinerary, and dates.
  4. Hotel reservation from the gold standard list
  5. 1 photograph (pasted in the visa application form)
  6. The visa fee is $50 USD for a single entry but you will only pay this when your visa is already approved. They will give you bank account details where to deposit the payment but this is for later.

Sample letter of intent accepted by the Belize Embassy

belize visa for filipinos

Make sure your exact travel dates are included in this letter plus a little bit about yourself. You don’t have to follow my format but these are the necessary details that I deemed fit when I applied for my Belize visa.

Sample itinerary for your visa application

Please take note that the government of Belize is also encouraging you to book your tours and activities with your Gold Standard hotels. They have a list of accredited tour operators but your hotel can give you that once you arrive. You don’t need to have a solid itinerary before arrival but I can give you more things to do in Belize if you want your trip planned. I can also help you with the trip planning!

April 1, 2021
Arrival in Belize, rest day, settle down at hotel
April 2, 2021
Rio Blanco National Park and Rio Frio caves
April 3, 2021
Actun Tunichil Muknal Tour
April 4, 2021
Rest day, stay in hotel
April 5, 2021
Scuba diving at the great blue hole
April 6, 2021
Mountain Pile Ridge (full day)
April 7, 2021
Lamanai Mayan Temples visit
April 8, 2021
Leave Belize, end of tour

When doing your Belize itinerary for your visa application, you don’t need to be very precise on the dates and times. What I would do is just pick the points of interest and put a travel date. Your plans may change in Belize and you have a 30-day visa so it’s best to present a one-week itinerary.

Affordable hotels in Belize that are part of the Gold Standard program

Below are my recommended hotels that are accredited by the Belize Tourism board. Please note that you need to have this reservation confirmed before entering Belize.

  1. Golden Bay Hotel Belize: from $98 USD per night (2 pax, breakfast included)
  2. Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza: $125 USD per night (2 pax, breakfast included)
  3. Villa Boscardi: $118 USD per night (2 pax, breakfast included)
  4. The Great House Inn: from $117 USD per night (2 pax, breakfast included)

All the hotels above have the option for “pay at the property” so you don’t have to pay right away to confirm your reservation. This is why I always use for reservations for visa interviews. You may cancel a week before the trip but take note that during your interview, the Embassy will verify your reservation with the partner hotels so better keep the reservation until your interview is over and the visa is approved.

Step 3: Schedule your appointment at an Embassy near you

Again, you can apply for a Belize tourist visa in any country that you are in. You don’t necessarily need to process it in the Philippines. If you are going to Belize, I am sure you are passing by Mexico so it’s best to apply for your visa in Mexico City as I did.

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Fun fact: Belize is home to the Belize Great Barrier Reef (like Australia). Belize is also the only country in the world with a Jaguar reserve.

Due to COVID, the Belize Embassy in Mexico is only open every Tuesdays and Thursdays. To schedule your appointment, you need to e-mail with the subject “Belize visa application for Filipinos appointment [YOUR NAME].” If you don’t speak Spanish, don’t worry, they can speak English!

You can only schedule an appointment once your documents are complete. Please note that all visa applications in Belize are processed in person. You have to print all these documents and bring them to your interview.

Step 4: Go to your interview

Make sure to bring all your documents (original and photocopy) on the day of your interview. Be there 15 minutes early. Although there aren’t long lines at the Belize Embassy, it’s better to come on time, otherwise, you can forfeit your interview slot.

The interview process is smooth. I did mine in Spanish but you can definitely do yours in English. The questions are pretty basic and they won’t really ask for a lot of things. Make sure to wear proper attire (no slippers) when you go to your interview.

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Step 5: Wait for the results. If approved, pay for the visa fee

The visa processing to Belize will take 10 – 20 days. If you are already in Mexico City, it’s best to take advantage of the wait by traveling to nearby areas – Central Mexico is beautiful and is all accessible by land from Mexico City. Flights within Mexico are also cheap so feel free to choose a Mexican beach town or other places to visit in Mexico while waiting for your visa results.

They will take your passport during your interview but you can request to leave a copy. I did this because I wasn’t comfortable traveling around Mexico without a document. They only need the passport to paste the visa so you can try to ask if you can just bring it on the day of the approval.

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belize visa for filipinos

Once approved, you need to deposit the $50 USD payment. In Mexico, this is relatively easy. Just go to the bank and they will process the payment asap. Don’t forget to keep a copy of your proof of payment. Again, you will only pay the fee if instructed by the Embassy. Below are the bank details of the Embassy of Belize in Mexico City:

Account Name: Belize Embassy Mexico City
Account Number: 00107258208
Bank Name: Scotiabank

Scotiabank is all over Mexico so you will easily locate any branch wherever you are in the country.

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