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Reader Mail: Trisha, I found your blog through your things to do in Puerto Vallarta. I am coming to Mexico soon and PV is somehow calling me. Do you have any idea about the costs of Airbnb Puerto Vallarta and what they look like? I really admire your journey and I want to look at the opportunity of moving there too. Thank you for all the help!
– Eric Schutte, USA

Dear Eric,

Thank you so much for reaching out! I am glad you made it to this blog. Puerto Vallarta has been an ex-pat’s favorite because you can enjoy the beach and the city life at the same time. I am an Airbnb host in Sayulita as well so I can give you a little background about booking your Airbnb in Puerto Vallarta. I will also give you tips on how to find long-term rent if you decide to move here indefinitely.

Good luck and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via Instagram if you ever make it here. I’d love to show you around!


Whenever you hear about accommodations in Puerto Vallarta, all-inclusive resorts always come to mind but this Mexican city is also big on stunning Airbnbs. Before I found my house in Nuevo Vallarta, I started renting on Airbnb first just to have an idea of how they look like and familiarize myself with the local community. There are lots of Airbnb hosts in Puerto Vallarta who are always generous with insider tips when it comes to living in this city. I really love the Airbnb community here!

Moving from Sayulita, a place where accommodations have a higher price tag, I was really surprised how cheap PV Airbnbs are for what they look like. In this post, I went around and checked out all these Airbnb accommodations in Puerto Vallarta. I’m also currently editing the virtual tours for each property so bookmark this post to get updates when the tours are uploaded! Here are my best picks of Airbnbs in Puerto Vallarta. If you have questions about my personal experience, you know where to find me!

Zona Romantica is always everyone’s favorite. Although it is more famous for being the gay neighborhood in PV, people I know and tourists keep booking accommodations in this area because of its semi-European vibe with narrow streets. If it’s your first time traveling to PV by yourself, this is the best place to start knowing the culture in this city. Plus, I truly believe this is a great neighborhood to meet people. Everyone is so friendly!

I personally like the 5 de Diciembre zone (cinco de Deciembre) as its super close to Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon. Most of my friends who live long-term in PV are also in this area but you can also experience and witness daily Mexican life here. Airbnb has a feature where you can select the particular neighborhood you want to stay in. All you have to do is to click the plus sign on the map below and enter the neighborhood of your choice.

PV is known for its amazing nightlife but now that COVID started, that decreased overtime since we always have last-minute curfew announcements here. These days, whenever I go to PV, it just feels quieter than usual but that assures you that you will have a peaceful vacation – you don’t need to worry about party noises (for now).

If you want to experience the less-visited Vallartas, check out Marina Vallarta, Fluvial Vallarta, and Nuevo Vallarta (this is where I live) which are also great areas for vacation but they are not close to the Malecon. You may click the map links in each area to find out how far it is from PV’s city center. You can always take Uber in PV or hire a local driver. I can recommend a driver if you need it – just get in touch!

Airbnb Puerto Vallarta Guide

Long-term rent in Puerto Vallarta: should I use Airbnb?

No and yes at the same time. Let me explain: whenever friends visit and they want to stay longer, I always ask them to book via Airbnb first since they don’t know the area yet. For many, Airbnb is more expensive but you’d be surprised how the price is just the same if you rent from a local landlord outside of Airbnb. There is really no price difference. Besides, booking with Airbnb gives you more security. If something happens to your booking (or to you), Airbnb guarantees your safety. I wish I can vouch for every Airbnb Puerto Vallarta hosts just to give you the benefit of the doubt but unfortunately, I do not know them all personally, just some.

In the 1800s, Puerto Vallarta was called “Las Peñas.” In the 1900s, it was renamed Puerto Vallarta after former state governor, Ignacio Vallarta.

Airbnb already offers long-term rent because of COVID so you will also get discounts if you book for more than 30 days. Now if you want to manually look for a place to stay, you can check out the Facebook group Puerto Vallarta & Beyond Expat Rentals & Sales. This is where I found my house in Nuevo Vallarta but I realized how many posts published here are from real estate agents in the area, so it’s still not that cheap. If you have the patience to scroll and look at every post, then check out this group. If not, I would really recommend you to book through Airbnb. Below are some of my best recommendations together with what I love the most about each property.

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Quick answer: Best Airbnb in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If you don’t want to read my description for every place (it’s pretty lenghty), you can directly book using the Airbnb website.

  1. Best beachfront Puerto Vallarta Airbnb: 1-br, 2 beds, 1 bath from $48 USD per night
  2. Best Airbnb for big groups: 8-br, 8 beds, 8 baths from $1,209 USD per night
  3. Best Airbnb in Zona Romantica (Romantic Zone): Studio, 1 bed, 1 bath from $70 USD per night
  4. Best in value: $25 USD per night Airbnb in Puerto Vallarta: 1-br, 1 bed, 1 bath from $25 USD per night
  5. Best digital nomad accommodation with fiber-optic wifi: 1-br, 2 beds, 2 baths from $65 USD per night
  6. Best Airbnb in old town PV: 2-br, 2 beds, 1 bath from $135 USD per night
  7. Best stylish loft in Puerto Vallarta: 2-br, 2 beds, 2 baths from $125 USD per night
  8. Best PV Airbnb for families: 2-br, 2 beds, 2 baths from $70 USD per night
  9. Best in design: 2-br, 3 beds, 2 baths from $110 USD per night
Airbnb Puerto Vallarta Guide

Best beachfront Puerto Vallarta Airbnb

This oceanfront condo is inside an all-inclusive resort but when you rent this place, the daily rate is not part of the all-inclusive package. You’re simply renting this unit by itself as an Airbnb. However, you can purchase day passes at the front desk if you want to avail unlimited food and activities while staying here. Please note that you cannot buy food or drinks here if you did not opt-in for the all-inclusive package. This is in the Zona Hotelera area, about 20 minutes drive from the Malecon.

airbnb puerto vallarta

This Airbnb does self-check-in but you may request to meet the host.

Starting at $35 USD per night, this condo unit is very basic and does not have a fancy design but the location is overlooking the large resort pool and the ocean. There are 2 beds and 1 bedroom in this unit and the host (Dean) allows up to 5 people. I just think it’s going to be pretty crowded so with its affordability, 2 people will be more comfortable.

Airbnb Puerto Vallarta Guide

Best Airbnb for big groups

Mid-pandemic last year, I have noticed how the booking behaviors have changed. People who visit Puerto Vallarta are now looking for a staycation aka lockdown in Mexico experience. I observed how Americans wanted to spend time outside of the USA without doing social activities. We have very relaxed COVID rules in Puerto Vallarta so most people opt to stay in with the luxury of enjoying the Mexican sun. With this, there was an increase in booking properties with pools or vacation homes that can hold big groups.

pv airbnb

I help groups plan their vacations in Riviera Nayarit and one of the biggest challenges is finding an Airbnb that can host more than 10 people. Luckily, in Puerto Vallarta, we have a lot of properties like this. This vacation home in PV is on Airbnb Luxe and can house up to 16 guests. It has 8 bedrooms, all with a private bathroom. The design is very Balinese and there’s lots of light entering the property.

Airbnb Puerto Vallarta Guide

Best Airbnb in Zona Romantica (Romantic Zone)

Just a local tip: use ‘Zona Romantica’, not Romantic Zone so you’d sound more like a local. I feel like Romantic Zone is badly translated since this area is popular as a gay area but please don’t think that everyone who prefers to book an Airbnb here is gay. It’s not really exclusive. I’ve stayed here a lot and have seen a myriad of travelers of different ages since it has a little Santorini feel (but lower). The streets are very narrow and walking around is such a joy! I really really really love Zona Romantica!

airbnbs puerto vallarta

This Zona Romantica studio unit is best for digital nomads or people traveling solo. I stayed here by myself and since it’s a studio unit, I can say that it is comfortable for one person, or two, if you are traveling with your partner. The host is really attentive and has a high response rate. The location is also great as it is close to restaurants and bars – everything is within walking distance.

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Airbnb Puerto Vallarta Guide

Best $25 USD Puerto Vallarta Airbnb

Budget travelers can also enjoy luxury in Puerto Vallarta. This $25 USD per night villa has a pool and is good for traveling couples. There is also private parking inside the house and honestly, this is a luxury in PV! Parking in PV is really hard so if you are traveling in a car, this is the best vacation home.

airbnb puerto vallarta

Of course, don’t expect a $25 USD accommodation to be near the center. This one is not centric but going to the center is not that difficult. When I am traveling, I never really look at the distance from the city center since I like to walk. I feel like this is the best way to get to know a city. I can walk for hours without getting tired! Lucky for you, PV is also a walking city!

Airbnb Puerto Vallarta Guide

Best digital nomad accommodation with fiber-optic wifi

Now, the Internet in Puerto Vallarta is normally not a challenge. This city’s infrastracture is very modern so digital nomads all over the world come here for its cheap cost of living. This serviced apartment in Puerto Vallarta has 50 MBPS Internet that’s why I always recommend it to visiting friends who work online. Most of them gave really good feedback about this vacation home.

This place isn’t suitable for children under 12 and the host doesn’t allow pets or parties.

This unit is on the first floor of the condo complex so you will see that you have direct access to the pool. Sometimes, when the pool is full, it makes it hard to concentrate but these days, people don’t really have the habit of hanging out by the pool with people they don’t know because of COVID. Apart from the impressive Internet speed, this condo unit gets a lot of natural light during the day, which is a plus for me whenever I book digital nomad Airbnbs.

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Airbnb Puerto Vallarta Guide

Best Airbnb in Old Town Puerto Vallarta

The old town is definitely a visitor’s favorite since its close to the beaches, bars, and restaurants. It’s also a great area to explore the local Mexican life as there are many local businesses in this area (for example, birria places). This entire condominium with a private terrace is one of my favorite places to stay in Puerto Vallarta. I really love the overall feel and design of this condo!

airbnb puerto vallarta

The host says there’s construction nearby for the whole month of January 2021. Expect a little Mexican construction noise (which is common all over the country).

It can house 4 guests and it has 2-bedrooms, 2 beds, and 2 baths. It’s a great PV accommodation for friends traveling together or even couples on a double date trip. Self-check-in is very easy and the host’s instructions are clear. What I love the most about this property is the big glass door that leads to the patio. You can always open it for fresh air or simply hang out the terrace to people watch.

Airbnb Puerto Vallarta Guide

Best stylish loft in Puerto Vallarta

This PV loft is gorgeous I wish I can rent it long-term! The beds are comfortable and I really love the Lucha Libre artwork by local artist Misael. The loft has brickwork and high ceilings. You can also access the rooftop pool deck.

airbnb puerto vallarta

Each space is beautifully designed and full of character for a memorable stay.

This has 2 bedrooms and can house 4 people for only $135 USD per night. Lofts are usually small so you can’t imagine 4 people fitting in here, but this one has lots of space. It’s located in Zona Romantica, just a few minutes walk to the beach, bars, and restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.

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Airbnb Puerto Vallarta Guide

Best Airbnb for families

Puerto Vallarta is a favorite destination for families traveling with kids and this entire condominium for 6 people is a great option for accommodations. The kitchen is fully-equipped and there are lots of markets nearby if you want to cook your own food (I mean, you should. Check the kitchen pictures!)

airbnb puerto vallarta

Every Airbnb Plus place is inspected in person for quality.

This accommodation is on Airbnb Plus, an invite-only program that recognizes top hosts and places to stay on Airbnb. Prices start at $75 USD per night. This unit has 2 bedrooms, 2 beds, 2 baths, and lots of common living spaces that you and your family can enjoy!

Airbnb Puerto Vallarta Guide

Best in design on Airbnb Puerto Vallarta

I am not sure if you consider design when booking accommodations but I sometimes consider that factor, especially when I am filming for my Youtube videos. This Moroccan-inspired Airbnb in Puerto Vallarta is perfect for content creators and Influencers alike – every part of the house can be used for video material!

airbnb puerto vallarta

Aside from its design, this property has access to a gym and a pool (shared with other guests). Starting at only $138 USD per night, it can house 5 guests, it has 2 bedrooms, 3 beds, and 2 baths.

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puerto vallarta mexico airbnbs

Have you been to Puerto Vallarta? Where did you stay? What’s your favorite accommodation and neighborhood? Leave your tips and suggestions in the comment box below to help other travelers find the best place to stay in Puerto Vallarta!

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