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Hello! My name is Trisha. Welcome to P.S. I'm On My Way!

I didn't quit my job to travel the world. I made a job out of traveling and you can do it, too! I've been moving around for the last 10 years staying with local families, volunteering in humanitarian projects, cooking, and just living!

How can you not love this girl? Trisha is honest, loving, empowering, inspiring, the list goes on! I never met her in person but she caught my attention because I thought she's American. I was like, "finally, an American travel blogger with substance." I did not know she is from the Philippines and that's even what makes it extra special! She is a pride of her country and not all American travel bloggers have reached the quality of content we are looking for. I love her stories, her writing. It's all very raw but it all makes sense!

There isn't a better blog about solo female travel and being a woman but Trisha's! I am constantly awed by her travel stories and the pureness of her heart. I was supposed to join Trisha in a humanitarian project in Sierra Leone back in 2016 but I chickened out. I guess I am not as brave as her but I still follow her blogs for inspiration! One day, someone will publish your books or even write about your life! I will bet on it!

Trish inspires and uplifts me everytime. She speaks from experience that i feel like it's okay and completely normal if life sucks sometimes. ? Love reading abt all her adventures. She's one of the pioneer bloggers that didn't have to switch to making videos but she keeps on providing awesome content thru writing. Heck, even her captions are inspiring/eye-opening. Still waiting for the day she'd write a book ? Good luck on your future adventures, Trish. killing it.

I met Trisha in Bolivia. She is very humble and she never said she had so much followers on social media! I got curious so I started following her. Little did I know that her blog will be my travel manual all over Latin America. I always tell her to start writing her book because I will definitely buy it! Her life is full of colors. Her vibe is very cool. She is a beautiful woman and I am constantly inspired by her and what she does.

I never believed I am capable of traveling by myself but Trisha's blog made me do it. After many scary comments from my friends, family, and of course the news, I went to a backpacking trip to South America and followed Trisha's blog religiously. It's funny how we follow someone we do not know but I am being honest here - Trisha encouraged me (digitally) to go out there and not be scared to travel! During my first days of backpacking, I read Trisha's blog entries before I sleep. Her stories are super real. She's writing what I cannot express in words and I will always recommend her blogs to my friends who want to travel solo.

There are many travel blogs out there but Trisha's blog caught my attention because she is always being herself. She is not afraid to write what she thinks and I am very inspired by that. It's funny how I am Australian and she is Philipino. We are from very different worlds but her humanitarian work for women, gender, and society were the driving forces that made me follow her all the time. I don't follow any Influencer from Australia but every post that Trisha publishes is very relatable. I also love the way she writes her stories. I am one of the many people waiting for her book!

In France, we do not read travel blogs, especially if it is not in French (we are too French like that). When I was planning my backpacking trip in Latin America, a friend of mine recommended Trisha's blog and I have been hooked since then. It's not her travel guides or advice but it is her stories. They are very real and I feel like I am always reading a book with Trisha's blogs!

I first saw you on TEDx Talks, and I said to myself, this girl doesn't sugarcoat things, she knows what she's talking about, and she effectively communicated her story to the audience. I envy people like you who at a young age was fortunate enough to have options and opportunities presented before them, and acting upon it. You are showing the various issues, the ups and downs of traveling, by weaving your adventures (whether it's good or bad) or even simple encounters with other people, into aesthetically pleasing words. Thanks for being an inspiration to people like me who would like to experience the sights and sounds of other places, but does not have the resources and enough guts to travel. I hope one day my circumstances would change for the better and I'd have the opportunity to take the bull by the horns. Living vicariously through your stories and photographs!

I found out about Trisha when I watched her Ted talk on Youtube. At the time, I was having a hard time understanding my daughters. I wanted to find a good role model for them to follow on social media. Although her content is not for me, I have showed her blog to young girls of my family hoping that they will be inspired to break the barriers on how women are treated all over the world. Trisha is a good example to many girls out there and I am very proud to recommend her writings.

I started following Trisha's blog in 2013 when she started backpacking Latin America. I am from America and I never met such an accomplished non-American at a very young age. I could spend hours reading her blog. In fact, I have it bookmarked and it's the first thing I open when I arrive the office. Her stories are real and raw. She is never afraid of writing her heart. That's what makes many people around the world relate to her. She has a very deep connection with people who read her blog and I don't know how she does it!

We’ve worked with over 130 online influencers from all over the world, and I can safely say that Trisha is one of a kind! Not only is she incredibly savvy in social media influence, she is also very dedicated and caring about her customers and is truly committed to their success. She is honest, straightforward, professional and creates excellent engagement with the target market she is tasked with reaching. I would not hesitate at all to work with Trisha on any project that can bring her strengths to the fore, there are not many like her out there!

Trisha – has been fighting against stereotypes with firm beliefs and a headstrong attitude. This has anchored her in breaking the conventions dictated by society. Taking the path less traveled is always daunting and Trisha’s blog has given us a peak to her own personal journey. She documents her experiences with such candour and wit that resonates with her readers. We had the pleasure of having her speak on this at our event which contributed to its success.

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Though Trisha is from Southeast Asia, the specialty of this blog is Latin America. From Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, the Caribbean, to Argentina, Peru, and Brazil, explore the world of the Americas through this blog!

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