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Trisha Velarmino has spoken in many different conferences and one of them is the prestigious TEDx talk. She has also conducted seminars and workshops on writing and blogging as a tool to use your influence positively. See what people are talking about her courses here.


Her recent workshop is about teaching advertisers and bloggers how to work together. Below are some of her top articles about this topic:


You can send all your queries at trisha[at]psimonmyway[dot]com with subject: “Let’s embark on a journey together.” I can’t promise anything but I’ll do my best to help in making your brand reach greater heights!



Trisha only works with products and brands she believes in, hence, the success of her working with many big companies have been obvious. Her blog is a go-to page for young people who are mostly struggling about growing up and thinking that travel can be the solution. People have been moved by her writing and this is one of the biggest strengths of this blog: no BS and real talk. She will never write anything she doesn’t believe in. Check out the blog and see it for yourself.


Trisha’s writing have proven to move and change lives. Through her Facebook page, you can see that people are really engaging with her content because it’s not your typical travel guide, tips and how-to’s. She can write something that people will relate to. The response she received from all over the world is overwhelming and with documentation, have proven to be the most effective and believable way of traveling. Trisha is one of the influencers in the world who uses her platform correctly.


Trisha’s style of marketing campaigns have been proven effective. Currently based in Tel Aviv,she has recently worked with a non-profit organisation in Israel that is focusing on eradicating the negative connotations about the country. When everyone have given up, Trisha fought. As a result of her perseverance and powerful writing, readers from all over the world visited her in Tel Aviv just from reading her blog! Hard to believe? Click here to know the story.



CEO & Founder, Vibe Israel

We’ve worked with over 130 online influencers from all over the world, and I can safely say that Trisha is one of a kind! Not only is she incredibly savvy in social media influence, she is also very dedicated and caring about her customers and is truly committed to their success. She is honest, straightforward, professional and creates excellent engagement with the target market she is tasked with reaching. I would not hesitate at all to work with Trisha on any project that can bring her strengths to the fore, there are not many like her out there!”


Tour Manager, Ministry of Tourism Indonesia

There are a lot of great digital influencers in the world, or in Southeast Asia to be specific (based on my last project with Trisha), but Trisha is truly one of a kind. She’s more than a girl with a great and lively personality and she pours her soul in every write-ups, in every digital strategy that she’s developing. For that, you can definitely find professionalism, creativeness and inspirations working with her. Looking forward to work with her again and will definitely recommend her to anyone! 


Travel Blogger and Online Influencer, Bemused Backpacker

Trisha is an experienced, knowledgeable and professional advocate for Israel who was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. As an experienced traveller as well as an in country expat, her local knowledge and contacts were vital to the smooth running and success of a recent FAM trip to Jerusalem, and she remains a staunch proponent for the many positive benefits of travelling to or working in Israel. On a personal level Trisha is a warm, spirited and passionate woman who I can trust to deliver a wide range of expert services, and I would not hesitate to work with her again or recommend her to any future clients or colleagues.  


Influencer Outreach Manager, Cabin Zero

The best thing we love about Trisha is that she doesn’t take campaigns and products because of the monetary reward. In order to have a successful campaign, she prefers to work with brands and companies that she believes in. There are many young people out there who believe in what she does, who follow her travel life on a daily basis so she is very careful in selecting the people she works with. Her readers are engaging and you can see that she really took care of her audience by having a personal relationship with them. I kid you not, if you want to have a genuine and effective social media campaign, Trisha is your girl!


Media Relations Supervisor, Stratworks Inc (Campaign for Cebu Pacific Air)

Despite the geographical and time zone difference, Trisha makes you feel like she’s just in the next room answering to your queries. Working with her was one of the highlights of my profession for this year (2016), she is approachable, professional, and makes sure everything is in order before the engagement even starts. She makes it a point to deliver relevant and timely responses, and content which is beneficial both for her and the client. I am hoping and looking forward to more collaborations with her, and hopefully to meet her in person and get my fan sign! *wink*. Working with Trisha will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.


Mom Blogger, Momma Lee Adventures

I’ve known Trisha during our Trip of Wonders in Indonesia and since then I have known more of Trish’s personality especially her work ethics. At a young age, she is one of the known Travel Bloggers in our country – Philippines and many Filipina adores her and her travel adventures. Wanting to go to the places she has been to and that only shows that Trisha has a good relationship with her readers. That’s how effective she is as a Travel Blogger. I admire her passion and love for travel. She has been a big help to every country’s local tourism. I will highly recommend her to anyone!


Community Manager, Giving Way

I am so happy I was able to meet Trisha on her most recent trip to Israel! Her energy is truly inspiring, and her love for people and what she does is something to be noted. Trisha has the ability (and I truly don’t know how she does it) to give every person that she meets personal attention. She can connect with everyone and loves to offer her help and guidance to any that ask. Working alongside Trisha was such a good experience, I learned a lot from how she goes about running her own business, connecting with others, and delivering great results! Connect with Trisha – it will be super fun and meaningful.


Communications Manager, Showaround

Showaround has worked with a countless number of travel bloggers and digital influencers globally and Trisha has definitely stood out. I highly recommend working with her; we loved her distinctinve way with words, high-quality photos, as well as authentic insights, which she provided us when writing about her experience in Tel Aviv. She responded very quickly to all the inquiries we had and not only followed instructions but also made an extra mile. Professionalism, accuracy, and passion for her craft are the three features that, in my opinion, best describe Trisha’s work.


CEO & Blogger, The Crowded Planet

One of the reasons why I love Trisha’s blog so much is because of her ability to feel at home wherever she travels, to interact with locals and absorb the culture of the place. Ever since she moved to Israel she became a real ambassador for all things Israel, and the reference point within the blogging community for Israel related questions and enquiries. She has been a wonderful host during our recent trip to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and I truly believe she’s one of the best testimonials for modern Israeli culture and life in Tel Aviv.

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