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I am sure you clicked this section because you are really interested in how to live a life of travel. I’ve been there, too. However, I did not have proper guidance when I started traveling. I discovered everything by myself and I made this travel coaching section so I will be able to share all my knowledge to you! This is so much different from my travel course because this is an online consultation.

1-on-1 Skype sessions at your convenient time!


Learn how to work from anywhere in the world. In here, I can help you land an online job that will help you sustain your travels for eternity!


Do you know that blogging is one of the reasons why I can live a life of travel? I can help you set up a professional blog and teach you how to make money from it!


Do you believe you can be a teacher? Does this department interest you? If yes, I can teach you how to be an English teacher abroad!


Did you know you can travel for the rest of your life by volunteering? I can help you find the perfect volunteering program or work exchange that suits you best!


Or maybe you’re not into long-term travel? Maybe you only have a few weeks and you need everything planned? I can help you with that, too!


Lea Marie Desuasido


Thank you for sharing your time and stories with me as well. 🙂 The consultation was very casual and I like that. It’s like speaking with an old friend. You were able to paint me a picture of how you live a life of travel through your teaching, volunteer, and online jobs. You were also able to provide me with information as to where and how I should start a similar journey. So thank you!

Craig Wilke


Amazing woman! She enlightened me on how to live a life of travel. I am a very stubborn person so Trisha was the perfect human being to talk to because she will push you, encourage you and she will block all your negative thoughts. Thank you, Trisha! Every penny/minute is worth it! I am looking forward to meeting you!

Ferna Fernandez


It was my pleasure to finally book a coaching session with this full of inspiration woman. After a long time of searching for someone who can help me with my concerns about traveling, Trisha opened her door for me.  I was really inspired by the casual conversation we had and I’m more than happy after our conversation.  You simply Rock Trisha..  

Liễu Thất Giang


I do not know what to say but you are amazing Trisha and you gave me a new life. I recommend this to everyone. It is really worth it. I hope to meet you some day, really…


E-mail trishavelarmino[at]gmail[dot]com with subject: “Travel Coaching with Trisha.” Please include what type of coaching you are looking into booking (Digital Nomad Lifestyle, Professional Blogging, Teaching English Abroad, Volunteering or Itinerary/Planning. Rates will be sent upon inquiry. Guaranteed 24 hours reply!

If you do not know what kind of coaching fits you, e-mail your goals/dreams and you will get a one-time e-mail consultation FOR FREE.


1. Coaching prices will be sent upon inquiry. Rates are on a per hour basis.

2. You will be the one to select your consultation time. Please include timezone in your e-mail. (ex: GMT +8, Hong Kong)

3. Once payment is made, there will be no refund.