How Much Will It Cost To Travel Argentina?

How Much Will It Cost To Travel Argentina?

 Coming from Brazil and Uruguay, I find Argentina really cheap. But then, I ran out of US dollars. You see, Argentina has two conversion rates for US dollars and you will really feel the big difference of both rates once you are already here.

First tip: When travelling to Argentina, bring dollars or euros.

The currency in Argentina is called Argentinian Peso (ARS). Below is the exchange rate, in both conversions as of November 20, 2014:

Normal Rate: 1.00 USD = 8.52 ARG
Blue Rate: 1.00 USD = 13.50 ARG
Okay, the normal rate is the price that is generally used within the country. For example, if you eat in a restaurant, they don’t have the blue rate prices in the menu so if you exchanged using the blue conversion, you will find the normal prices really cheap. I recommend you read the history of the two conversion rates to avoid confusion. You can find that article here.
**All prices below are in US Dollars ($)

Restaurants/Dining Out

I normally don’t dine out but Argentina is the home of good meat and the best restaurants in Latin America are in Buenos Aires so yes, I did a lot of dining out in this country! You can check this list for reference: 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America



If you’re the travelling chef type, Supermarkets are for you. I find these prices really expensive (for what it looks like and quality-wise) but I am happy that I can drink the best wine here for a very cheap price!




Note that the above table is a price list for the capital, Buenos Aires. It may vary depending on the city you are in. For example, the South of Argentina can be really expensive because of its touristic reputation.

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  1. World Journeys

    25 November

    interesting…l b&b seems to be really good value. McDonalds is not!

  2. Trisha Velarmino

    1 December

    I agree. I prefer B&Bs more in terms of comfort and privacy. And yes, totally no to McDonalds!

  3. mariel ferrer

    11 May

    Hi! I am moving to Argentina in a few months to live with my boyfriend. So far, you’re the only FIlipina I know that’s been there. I was there last January and I was called “China” several times haha. Did you take a TEFL course prior to teaching?

  4. Hi Trisha,
    I was not aware that there was a “Black Market” on currency exchange in Argentina as well. I experienced it in Venezuela, but didn’t know it was also the case in Argentina.
    But I must admit, I was in South America 7 years ago, and things have changed a lot, I guess!
    Thanks for the detailed information.
    Cheers, Gilles

  5. Sam B.

    25 June

    Hi! I found some of your blog posts really helpful, so thanks for the tips you provided! Anyway, I was researching on the cost of living for certain countries and came across the numbeo website. Not sure if you provided information to them or the other way around (most items in the tables are similar) or information was drawn from a totally different source, but it would be nice if due credit is given to whoever gathered the data.

    • Hi Sam! Thanks a lot for your insight. Numbeo is a site that everyone can edit as they get the info from the public. The prices I provided above are based on the places I lived in Argentina. Though I am not saying this is for the whole of Argentina. I lived in Buenos Aires and Cordoba and the prices are quite different (like anywhere else in the world).

      Thanks again for the insight!

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