How much will it cost to travel Uruguay?

How much will it cost to travel Uruguay?

Very. Despite being used to the prices in Brazil, I was quite surprised how expensive this country is. The funny thing is that, the Uruguayans are also complaining about it. Though the increase is not drastic (moving from Brazil to here), I was actually expecting that it will be cheaper. Prior to coming here, I had no idea about the economic status of the country since this side of the continent is considered “the less travelled” zone but just in case, I still want to discuss the prices for future reference.

The currency in Uruguay is called Uruguayan Pesos. Below is the exchange rate to US Dollar as of October 2014:

1.00Β USD = 24.4099Β UYU

**All prices below are in US Dollars ($).**

Restaurants/Dining Out
Montevideo (the capital) has the same format of restaurants with Brazil. The traditional meals include faina, asado or milanesa. Restaurants also offer combo meals that include meat, salad and fries, depending on the day’s offer.



Uruguay is not a popular travel destination but I am pretty sure you’ll find the country worth visiting. To minimize cost, I suggest you do a family stay or find a Couchsurfing host like what I did.

Do you find Uruguay’s cost of living expensive? If you’ve been to Uruguay, you can also give tips on how to minimize cost by leaving a comment below. πŸ™‚

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