Camel Trekking and Overnight Stay at the Sahara De...

Camel Trekking and Overnight Stay at the Sahara Desert

From Ourzazate, we arrived the city of Merzouga (the nearest point of the Sahara to Morocco) at 17:35. We were checked in a nearby hotel where we can freshen up and get ready for the camel trek. We were informed that we will not be able to shower in the desert so now is the time to do so.
The GoPro pro: Saulius with his long camera stick.
We had two hours to spare so we took advantage of the hotel’s amenities — something that would be impossible to find in the desert — POOL!!! It was a long drive from Ourzazate so a dip in the pool will be nice.
Outside the hostel, the camels are resting and waiting for us.

After freshening up, we’re ready to go. Outside the hostel was a big camel farm waiting for us. We took our stations and all set! We were joined by an Italian family in this trek.

Geography Class: The Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert covers 3,500,000 sq miles, roughly covering 10% of the African continent. It is considered the world’s largest (hot) desert covering the following countries: Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Sudan and Tunisia. You can go to the desert through these countries, depending on your preference. I believe that Morocco is the simplest and easiest way to the desert and the complicated ones are in Chad & Algeria where volcanoes and mountain ranges lay.
I cannot believe my eyes. The dunes are real as it is in photographs. Before the trip, I was browsing Pinterest and I thought the desert pictures are heavily edited but it’s not!
After 1.5 hours of camel riding, we reached our tent. The guide addressed it as a “hotel.” Apparently, there are other tents like this all over Sahara, made by tour operators. Gosh, I wish they will not build concrete resorts and hotels here over the years! I mean who doesn’t love tourism? We all do. But I don’t want to see the Sahara in 10 years with modernity. I want to see it as it is now, the first time I visited.
The moon above us.
We waited a bit and met two Japanese girls who arrived earlier. They’re on a different tour but we’re all sharing the same tents (with the Italian family). Nice dinner was served and the tent was well-equipped with cooking tools. Berber food was served: bread, tajine, and a nice dessert.
The surroundings were very dark and the only light shining upon us are not stars, but a lamp. It was cloudy that day so they didn’t come that night. We slept in the open desert with blankets on our faces to avoid the sand getting in our eyes. The wind blows kind of violently so if you don’t cover your face, you will be eating sand for midnight snack.
I woke up at 4:30 when I overheard the giggles  of the Japanese girls. They were leaving ahead of us because they have to catch a flight to Spain. I opened my eyes and then, voila! The stars are alive! But then, after a few minutes,

I fell asleep again.

Catching the sunrise.

Good Morning, Sahara!

The guide woke us up really early (6:00) to watch the sunrise. We also had to head back early otherwise we will die in heat. Mr. Berber gave us instructions on where to meet him after he fixes the tents. He will come for us with the camels wherever we were so we chose our spot.
Good morning, boys!
Here comes the sun, dooo doo doo doo…
Footprints in the sand.
From where we’re watching the sunrise.
It was getting really hot so we needed to head back. Mr Berber came with 7 camels to fetch us. I didn’t really want to go back because sitting on a camel for more than an hour is really painful! I don’t know what those seats are made of but I was really uncomfortable along the way. At the back of my head, I was also thinking that my camel was having a hard time but then I realized, they are used to this than I am. These great creatures are very inspiring!
We arrived at the hotel and we were served with nice breakfast. After that, we had to move fast so we can go back to Marrakesh on time. I really liked this trip and I highly recommend our tour guide (Hassan) who made it extra fun! It was an awesome experience — something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Sahara Viaje 4×4

App 21, Maatallah | Mhamid, Marrakech, Marruecos
+212 6 776 44 146
Read reviews here. (Spanish)

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    I was reading your old posts. You are so lucky. Thank you for sharing all of your experience. God Bless

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    Wow, what an amazing, once in a lifetime experience! So happy you could experience that. Seeing this, I think I also should do this one day. And I love the fact you went from Morocco, that’s where I would probably do it as well, not Dubai. Great pictures!

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