When I was 22, young and physically fit, I decided that I should start traveling the world. It all happened to me when I went to a University in Milan, Italy. I spent most of my life studying Fashion and Arts Management at the same time, seeing Europe. I was able to go around on my feet and learned a lot of things from different people and culture. My love for football also encouraged me to travel more. Three years ago, Liverpool FC and Arsenal had an Asian Tour. I followed every match and stalked them wherever they were. I booked expensive tickets, got hungry but still, I was able to see them play live. That was an eye opener for me to see more places. Thank you, Steven Gerrard and Cesc Fabregas. Above all this, I am a hardcore Barcelona FC fan.


We all have our own ways of travelling and mine is a little bit different. I always volunteer, not just to get free food and accommodation (well, that’s one of the reasons) but to also learn how to eat, cook, speak and live like a local. I take my time, I stay long-term because I believe this is the only way that you will be able to know about a culture and a country. I don’t go to famous landmarks and take photos (although that would be a bonus every once in a while) but I just live: letting things flow like I actually live here (or wherever I may be). There’s no need to rush anyway.

I am not traveling. I just choose to be somewhere else, all the time.

Of course, I need money too. To be able to sustain my travels, I work remotely as a social media manager for different companies who wishes to boom their social media engagement. Having mentioned “remote,” this means I can work anywhere in the world — whether I’m by the beach in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro; a cafe in Paris or even a Carribean Cruise! (As long as there’s internet, of course.)


I am 26 years old, born and raised in Subic Bay, Philippines. I used to work in the Fashion Industry but I realised I want to travel the world so I quit. I love languages, burgers, coffee and hot sauce.

2 years ago, before I started to write a blog, this is what I wrote about myself and I never changed it since. Now that I want to change it, I don’t know how to start. What have I become by traveling the world? Am I the same person?


I’m a big Barcelona FC fan (or football in general). I grew up playing the sport.

I love to read. I can read one book a day!

I love to eat cupcakes and Asian food.

I love learning languages. I’ve learned how to speak 5 languages just by traveling.

I’m in love with cats.

If there’s one thing I can eat for the rest of my life, it would be burger and tacos.


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I am not a technical blogger. I only write whatever runs in my mind without editing it. I only edit when my mother and sister endlessly puts time to ‘grammar-nazi’ me. To help you understand further what my journey is all about, I highly recommend that you read my inspiration section. With this, you will also know how I want to navigate all my travels. Click on the title or the icon to view the category!


A collection of letters written by female travel bloggers all over the world. This series aims to encourage girls all over the world to have the courage not just to travel but to face their fears.


Notes to my mother while on the road, written in the Filipino language. Experience what’s it like to grow up away from home and still tell things to your mother.


Check how I’ve blended with other cultures through food. Learning how to eat, cook and prepare food on the other side of the world always excites me!


This section is not meant to bull*hit you. These are stories from real-life experiences. What really happens when you leave everything behind to travel the world?


Traveling is about learning. It’s about a journey of discovery that becomes one of self-discovery as well. It’s about finding friendship, love and solidarity. It’s about finding one’s place in the world — the one that is worth fighting for.


Many different forms of travel hacking such as crossing borders, love & relationships, finance, travel tips and more!


Photographs of places, people, etc from Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. If you are not the reading type, you will enjoy this visual section!


Did I tell you I can speak 5 languages fluently just because of traveling? In here, I will give you tips and tricks on how to speak like a local!


If you have been following this blog, you will know that I do not travel for leisure or tourism — I travel for the culture, food and language. However, the tourist landmark is a plus! Here, you will see how much (or how few) I’ve visited touristic spots all over the world.


Visa hack for Philippine passport holders. Well, if you are from a country that needs visa to almost everywhere, maybe you can relate.

Here, you will find the many jobs I already had while traveling. These are ways how I sustain my travels so I won’t have to go back home and move again. Teaching English abroad, staying with local families, blogging, couchsurfing, digital nomad lifestyle, house-sitting, volunteering and many more!