A Backpacker’s List: 10 Best Passports in th...

A Backpacker’s List: 10 Best Passports in the World


… we meet again. I am sticking to the plan of travelling to visa-countries for Filipinos, however, I wanted to go somewhere so bad this time that requires a visa. Take note that not every country in South America is visa-free for us. (Hey, I am still in Brazil!)
On the 15th of December, I have to leave Brazil. That is, if I want to make it to the World Cup in June. What’s the next destination? Not final yet. For now, I will keep it to myself. I want to process it thoroughly so I can give you more information on how to apply for a visa when you are not in your home country. Is it impossible? I am not sure but I took a shot!

The borders have eaten all of me — from experiencing racism in Barcelona to not getting a visa to Spain in Africa. However, I let it go. I devised the plan and it made me well. I never really taught of applying for other visas before leaving home. If you know my life story, you probably will understand. I left and applied zero visas. Nada. Zilch. I just brought my passport and said, “Batman will take care of me. Or the Universe if he isn’t available.”

Have you ever wished you were born in another country? 

I didn’t. I had foreigner ex-boyfriends but I made sure that my intentions were clear. No matter how restricted my passport is, I have always been proud of hailing from the Philippines. I don’t think I’ll take it any other way! This passport took me places!

Are you planning to travel the world? If you are, then you should know about this list!

1. Finland, Sweden and UK passport holders can go to 173 countries without a visa.

2. In second place: Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg and USA. This passport can take you to 172 countries without having to obtain a visa.

3. Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands come in third with 171 visa-free countries.

4. Canada, France, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Spain with 170.

5. Austria, New Zealand, Switzerland = 168

6. Australia, Greece, Singapore = 167. I had no idea that SG is so powerful!

7. South Korea, 166.

8. Iceland in 8th place with 165 countries.

9. Malaysia and Malta = 163. Same with SG, I didn’t know that Malaysia was part of the top 10.

10. Liechtenstein with 159. I know what you came across your mind when you read this: “Where is Liechtenstein?”

Based on my experience, I believe that some application processes are way easier, no matter how
powerful that country might be. For example, I applied for a visa as a student in Europe and I got in Italy. I think it really depends on your purpose. They are lenient to students! As soon as I arrived Italy, I felt how they treated students — with overwhelming love and care. On the other hand, I also feel bad because I’ve known a lot of people from my country who deserve to see the love of their life and land in European soil. The Union is a bit tough with visa applications especially if you’re from a country with not enough ‘reputation” but who cares? Which country has the best reputation anyway? Regardless of having the student visa in Italy, I do not have full knowledge of how it will go for me if I apply for a “tourist visa.” Times change as well as systems.

Consider yourself lucky if you are on the list. As for me, I think I am luckier — my Philippine passport took me places and that’s all that matters. Gracias, Universo!
Source: Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index

I do not plan to travel each country in the world. For now, whatever works is fine for me.

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Trisha is one of those people who left their comfortable life to travel the world and learn about life. Her style is to stay in one place she likes for 3 months (or more) to know what it feels like to eat, cook, speak and sleep in another culture that isn’t hers. She'd like to believe she's not traditionally traveling but she just chooses to be somewhere else all the time. Trisha also loves extremely spicy food, pineapples, plants and symmetry. In no particular order, her favourite cities in the world are Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong and Tel Aviv. Follow her life adventures on Instagram: @psimonmyway

  1. zof

    8 November

    Nice list! Sharing on my blog’s FB page:-)

    • Trisha Velarmino

      8 November

      Thanks, Zof!!! 🙂 Hey, you can try to comment here with your Google+ acct!

  2. Josh Cahill

    9 November

    Wuhuuuuuuuu, I’ve got one of the most powerful passports in the world 😉

  3. Josephine

    5 January

    Hi Trisha,

    I think I found your blog via Twitter and I have enjoyed reading your posts. I have always dreamt of travelling around the world. Your blog and posts are certainly an inspiration for me as I would really like to try travelling solo for the first time! Yes the thought sounds scary to me even though I know a few friends who have done it before.

    Thanks for sharing this list of best passports to have. I’m from Malaysia. It was a pleasant surprise to see my country among those listed!

    • Terima Kasih, Josephine! I have enjoyed travelling in your beautiful country and yes I was also quite surprised to see Malaysia during the research period! Good luck and I know you can do it too! Thank you so much for reading!

    • Hey Elena, thank you! That’s what I’m trying to do now regardless of the visa requirements. Again, thanks for reading!

  4. Shela

    27 January

    Wow, I’m surprised that a microstate such as Liechtenstein has that “passport holder power”. Nice.. And well, SG is the financial district of Asia and another of the financial hubs in the world so good for them. 🙂

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