8 Highlights of Uganda: A Photo Essay

8 Highlights of Uganda: A Photo Essay

Mostly known for its troubled history, in the heart of Africa, Uganda is a country very relaxed and easy to travel. It definitely represents an ideal introduction to a too little known yet fascinating continent and is definitely accessible even for inexperienced travelers.

Uganda is an incredibly pleasant country, for its gentle, friendly and warm-hearted people; for the very diverse wildlife; for the evergreen and very lush landscape, and last but not least for the number of highlights for visitors.

Unfortunately, as many countries in Africa, Uganda is not a cheap place to travel. True, some kind of “Backpacker Trail” is currently developing, but some of the highlights are difficult to reach without your own wheels and are expensive (a “Gorilla Permit” costs no less than 500 USD).

Nonetheless, the 3 weeks I spent there were some of the most rewarding I ever experienced, and offered me some of the best Photo Opportunities I ever had! Here are my favourite highlights of Uganda:


1. Gorilla trekking Uganda: Biwindi Impenetrable National Park & spending one hour with the Habinyanja family and Makara, the impressive Silver Back.


Mountain Gorilla, Family Habinyanja, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park


2. Meeting two-year-old Obama, the first White Rhinoceros born in Uganda after 26 years at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.


Northern White Rhinoceros, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary


3. Watching Fighting Hippos and Giraffes in Murchison Falls National Park


Hippopotamus, Murchison Falls National Park


Rothschild Giraffe or Ugandan Giraffe, one of the most endangered Giraffes subspecies, Murchison National Park


4. Finding Lions early morning in Murchison Falls National Park


Lion, Murchison Falls National Park


5. Discovering Chimpanzees in their natural habitat at Kibale & Budongo Forest


Alpha Male Chimpanzee, Kibale Rainforest


6. Enjoying the boat ride along Lake Bunyonyi to visit the Batwa people


Our boat gracefully plowed the dark waters of Lake Bunyonyi. Not a ripple disfigured the smooth tarmac – like surface, allowing the carefully terraced green hills to be mirrored in the supposedly 2.000 meter deep lake


7. Experiencing the frontier town-feel in the fishing village of Butiaba


Fisher village of Butiaba, on the shores of Lake Albert. Butiaba is the prime port for smuggling goods in and out of the Congo & is also known since 1956, when Hemmingway’s crashed twice within two days in some miniature planes, in a narrow escape of death.


8. Tumbling through grade 5 rapids on the Sources of the Nile


Rafting the Sources of the Nile with N.R.E., Nile Rafting Explorer, near Jinja.

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Gilles has been traveling over the last 15 years through Africa, South America and Asia. These journeys – some short, others longer like a Trip Around the World in 2007 & 2008, took him to more than 40 countries on all continents except Antarctica. He sometimes use roads well traveled to visit world famous sights, but most of the time he tries to stay off the beaten track. Gilles is no budget backpackers traveling the toughest and cheapest possible way, but a Flashpacker who appreciate a minimum level of comfort.

  1. Doreen Pendgracs

    10 November

    Wonderful photos, Gilles! I will connect with you on Instagram.

  2. Gilles Barbier

    10 November

    Thank you Doreen!
    Glad you like my pictures. I will soon be much more active on Instagram, so you will find many more pictures there soon.
    Cheers, Gilles

  3. Absolutely incredible! What an experience!! Experiencing the wilds of Africa is something we are hoping to be able to do sooner rather than later and a gorilla jungle trek is high on the list. You’ve managed to capture some amazing moments with the wildlife there and only fed our urge to go!

  4. Gilles Barbier

    11 November

    Thank you Carolann & Macrae.
    Yes, wildlife watching in Africa is amazing, and a Gorilla Trek is an experience of a lifetime (a bit costly, but really worth it).
    Do not hesitate if you have specific questions, I would be happy to help.
    Cheers, Gilles

  5. Justine

    11 November

    I have nothing more to say about the photos except for wow!

  6. Gilles Barbier

    13 November

    Thanks, Justine!
    Cheers, Gilles

  7. mar

    13 November

    I spent a long time working in Uganda in various occasions and on various projects. I was once even caught up there during the riots that completely isolated us in our hotel room for a week. I loved the friendliness of the people and the remoteness of some parts of the country. The gorillas were indeed the highlight, as were the lions at Queen Elisabeth National Park, hanging on trees, one leg either side of the branch, looking clearly uncomfortable… Great memories, this brings!

  8. Marta Grilo

    13 November

    I’m speechless. The photos are simply amazing. Great captions.

  9. Himanshu

    15 November

    All pics are really intriguing. I am amazed and sold to Uganda now. Thanks for sharing such great photograaphs.

  10. Obama, love it! What an experience. My cousin (19 years old) is just back from a voluntary programme in Uganda. She loved it!

  11. Joe Ankenbauer

    16 November

    Such great photos. Makes you feel like you’re right there! How was the white water rafting? It’s one of my favorite things to do!

  12. Gilles Barbier

    16 November

    Marta, Himanshu, thanks for the feedback, glad that these photos create interest for Uganda, an amazing country that would deserve much more attention…
    Mar, you had more chance than I had, I did not see the “Tree Climbing Lions”… But yes, wildlife is unpredictable, that’s part of the game! And yes, there are surely many places in this country that are still completely Off The Beaten Track!
    Gemma, I also loved the name Obama 😉 It was also great to see that Rhinos can be protected…
    Joe, White Water Rafting was unbelievable… But if you do it, consider twice before asking to do it “the hard way”… We flipped over 5 times, and in Grade V rapids it is quite wild !!! But this is surely one of the places in the world where you can have one of the most exhilarating experience…
    Cheers, Gilles

  13. evan kristine

    16 November

    Beautiful photo’s Gille! It is always intriguing to see the nature Africa has to offer

  14. Now, I’m really envy! I always wanted to visit Uganda! You got great article and great photos here!

    • Marie

      11 December

      I can say the same Mary Charie. I envied her Uganda trip as well. Captured great moments.

  15. Gilles Barbier

    16 November

    Hi Kristine,
    Thank you! Africa has a lot to offer, and nature (no matter how amazing) is only a part of this, actually: the people & the culture are also incredible. This is a great continent that I really love (and would be happy to help people share this passion).
    Cheers, Gilles

  16. Cai Dominguez

    17 November

    The photos are awesome. If I’ll compare to a food. It taste soo delicious. Love it!

  17. Jackie

    19 November

    Oh WOW – stunning photos!

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