6 experiences you must have in Australia this summ...

6 experiences you must have in Australia this summer

The Australian summer is certainly something to behold – especially if you come from a part of the world which experiences winter at the same time. Having a sunny Christmas is a real novelty for those travelers, and there’s plenty to do during the summer months as well which you can discover below.

1. Sunbathing in Albany

On the southern coastline of Western Australia, 5 hours from Perth, you will discover the amazing beaches of Albany. They are one of the best places for sunbathing and relaxing, amidst beautiful scenery and varied landscapes. Good quality wine is made in this region too, so why not supplement your sunbathing with some winery tours!

2. Cycling in Mornington Peninsula

Around 2 hours from the Melbourne CBD, you will find the idyllic Mornington Peninsula. Here you can find gorgeous scenery that begs to be explored, as well as plenty of roads and trails that make cycling a joy. The food here has a great reputation, so you can replenish your energy in style. There are activities for all ages here, including water sports.

3. Visiting Fannie Bay Gaol

Make sure that you take some time to visit Fannie Bay if you are staying in Darwin. This historic prison site was home to many of the convicts sent to Australia from the British Empire. It’s amazing to see the history of this place, which includes the gallows, still in place from when they were in use. It’s an eerie and chilling site to explore, very different to what you might get up to in most other parts of Australia.

4. Snorkelling in 1770

Don’t worry – you don’t have to go back in time to enjoy this one! It was named after the year it was discovered, and now the town is one of the few places in Queensland that aren’t far too humid to visit in the summer. The national parks nearby are beautiful, and you can take advantage of an impressive reef view to snorkel or dive around Lady Musgrove Island. It’s perfect for a lazy summer holiday spent mostly in the water.

5.Unplugging in Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley is an area of New South Wales that enjoys a slower pace of life. Here it’s all about rolling hills, vibrant farmland, and quiet walks in nature. What’s more, it’s home to all kinds of amazing wildlife that you won’t find in any other part of the world. They include platypuses, kookaburras, and the eponymous kangaroos. If you want the chance to switch off from the real world for a while, you can do it here.

6.Surfing on the Fraser Coast

Rather than heading to one of the more commercialised coastal resorts, where you will have to fight for space, try the Fraser Coast for beautiful and natural beaches. Fraser Island is nearby for all kinds of activities, and the clear waters are fantastic for all kinds of water sports. Hervey Bay, the central hub of the coast, is known for fantastic food and drink, much of it produced locally.

If you are heading to Australia this summer, make sure that at least one of these experiences is on your list. If you can manage it, tick off several at once!

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