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Real people. True stories. One of a kind travel experiences and techniques.

I definitely think it’s time for you to step out of this blog but I am not kicking you out. As a matter of fact, I thank you for staying because you’ve been there ever since the start of my journey a few years ago. However, know that my experiences are not enough for you to be inspired. It’s just a bit of what the world has to offer.

Go out there.

See what this big world has to offer. I have collected a handful of people’s unique stories in traveling: marriage proposal on a top of a rif, almost murdering someone, getting kidnapped, selling everything what they own to travel, traveling with the whole family. This post offers diverse stories from real people who blog about themselves and how they are conquering the world.

Everyone’s experiences are unique.

There are 100 different adventures and people in this post. I have listed it in no particular order — no weight of experiences, who’s greater than who, who’s better than who, who have been to most countries or whatsoever. I am telling you that these people’s stories are so inspiring! You might get too overwhelmed with the numbers (100) so it’s okay not to read everything in one sitting. You can do 10 stories at a


She made it. #Brasil #Bolivia #millennialtravel

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1. Claire spent a day traveling on a chicken bus in Guatemala.
2. Sherry took a driving holiday in Canada’s Ocean Playground — Nova Scotia.
3. Davide hitchhiked for 34,000 km in Europe through 23 countries for 954 days.
4. Sally walked 15 miles on the Erie Canal in flip flops
5. Ben and Charli crossed the Nullarbor Plain and had a great view of the milky way.
6. Mervz visited 80 provinces in the Philippines. I repeat, 80!
7. Elie spent 24 hours in Copenhagen. Her friend called her and 20 minutes later, she’s all packed.
8. Michael broke his bike in an Exodus biking tour in Costa Rica.
9. Here’s Katie’s unexpected adventure in El Salvador!
10. Planning a US road trip? Here’s the best itinerary from Bethaney!
11. Kirsty hitchhiked from Kyrgyzstan to China!
12. I crossed to Brasil from Bolivia for 4 days!


That’s enough for today. Go back again tomorrow for the rest. Have you read Earl, Jodi, Dave & Deb, Davide, Dan & Audrey, Anil, Adrian, Paul, Wes, Ben and Charli’s stories? Kind of exciting huh? Try to delve deeper. What did you learn from their stories? Struggles? Any thoughts?

Just kidding, you can go ahead. Learn more from the others. Go!


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13. Laura and her family swapped their California home with (trusted) strangers from Buenos Aires for a month-long vacation.
14. Caz and Craig are going to travel in Australia for one year. They’re leaving next month with their 2 kids.
15. Shannon traveled Panama with her father.
16. Greg and Rachel Dennings are raising their 5 children on the road. Their youngest son, Atlas has been to 20 countries when he was 4 years old.
17. Working mom Amy travels with her husband and two kids and have inspired many people to travel as a family.
18. Christine is raising her kids to be multilinguals (Spanish, Arabic & Mandarin) so they can adapt wherever they choose to live.
19. Corinne travels all over the world with her babies!
20. Jody went kayaking with her kids in Victoria, British Columbia.
21. Bethany is traveling long-term with her kids and the experiences have been amazing!
22. Want to know how to travel with your family for a year? Learn from Bryanna!


Holy crap I really did crawl down this building today! #LaPaz #Bolivia #millennialtravel #grammasters3

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23. Adventure couple Dave and Deb jumped on a –.5 degree celcius water in Antarctica.
24. Dani bathed in a mud volcano in Volcan de Lodo El Totumo.
25. Janice climbed the spectacular Mayan ruin in Tonina.
26. Kim climbed Cotopaxi: one of the world’s highest volcanoes located in Ecuador.
27. Marcello went diving in Hawaii with sea turtles.
28. Husband and wife Dan and Audrey crossed Gongmaru La Pass Ladakh in India: 16,800 feet/5,130 meters.
29. Jason and Aracely went volcano boarding in Leon, Nicaragua.
30. Hiker Paul went rafting on the Exploits River in Canada.
31. Melanie explored the Valley of the Moon in Chile’s Atacama Desert.
32. Alexandra went canoeing from Hainburg to Bratislava.


33. Jodi was in Bangkok in March 2010 during the political Red Shirt Protest.
34. Gary took a trip to a war zone in Preah Vihear.
35. Sab was in Istanbul when everything got out of control: park protests.
36. Nellie walked Jesus’ trail in Israel.
37. Kate challenged herself to visit all the UNESCO Heritage Sites. She already visited 10.
38. Gemma and Craig of Two Scots abroad will take you to the politics of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
39. A walk through Belgrade’s communist past: something really interesting from Karlie.
40. Remembrance Day in the Netherlands, “Dodenherdenking,” is for the silence of deep and painful memories, the solemnity of “We Will Never Forget.”


We’ll always be together in electric dreams. #Guimaras #Philippines #SamRingsTheBelle

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41. Torre got stranded in a desert island in Thailand.
42. Dalene and Peter discovered the epidemic oddities of Poland.
43. Adrian got kidnapped and robbed in Tanzania after only being in the country for less than 24 hours.
44. Wes almost murdered someone in San Pedro, Guatemala.
45. Andi visited Cuba without getting caught. Note: She is not legally allowed to enter Cuba.
46. Ben did what other people from the plane did — he went inside the cockpit 747.
47. Suzy survived the Colorado ghost town.
48. Vanessa Workman had an airport mishap recently. Here’s her story.
49. That day in Istanbul: Anwar will never forget this crazy, political story.
50. Want to know how the toilets of the world are like? This compilation from Sean and Sabine is worth the read!
51. Lyn suvived a riot in Nekkies, Knysna!
52. The Nomadic Boys said: go to Boracay and learn how to swim like a mermaid!
53. Raymond went to a pingpong show in Thailand — you know what that entails. 😉


54. In every country he’s been to, Turner makes sure that he gets a job to sustain his travels. Luckily, he’s always into something!
55. Chris volunteered in Madagascar‘s wildlife conservation.
56. Sadie always gets asked what her chores as volunteers are from friends back home. Here’s a day in the life of a TRACC volunteer’s like.
57. Anna volunteered in a Lion Project in Zimbabwe.
58. Ben and Jazzy learned about conscious eating when they volunteered in an organic farm in Guatemala.
59. Natasha spent a week immersing Berber Culture!


Haven’t been out of #thedistrictboracay for 2 days. #Boracay #Philippines #millennialtravel

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60. Raymond went to a fine dining experience in the Marlborough.
61. Cailin took a trip with the Blue Train in South Africa — the most luxurious train in the world.
62. Kristin took amazing photos of the children of Rwanda when she went to Africa.
63. Meghan has travelled over 50 countries taking photographs of cozy homes to stay during vacation trips.
64. Brendan went to Antarctica and photographed cute penguins!!!
65. Erin went wine tasting in Sonoma.
66. Looking for a romantic and luxurious honeymoon in Thailand? Here’s Love and Road’s take.
67. What’s it like to travel Suites Class via Singapore Airlines?
68. An ultimate dream: spending a night in a luxury hotel in South Africa.
69. Noel will show you how to do Bali in a luxurious style!


70. Jacomijn was invited in a Muslim festival called Eid Ul Adha and witnessed how they sacrificed a sheep!
71. Benny has been on the road for over eleven years with the mission of being language fluent in three months. At present, he is fluent in 10 languages.
72. Adam attended the gay pride parade in Antwerp.
74. Curious about watching Sumo Wrestling in Japan? The Travel Sisters got your covered!
73. Carrie learned Chinese in Asia and she’s doing a pretty good job!
74. Love Formula One? Here’s how to attend the Singapore Grand Prix on cheap.
75. Gemma and Craig of Two Scots abroad went to Austin for the South by Southwest (SXSW) and they did it for free!
76. Jen and Mick attended Vivid Sydney: a festival of music, light and ideas in Australia!
77. Ever heard about the Sea Parting Festival in South Korea?
78. Cameron and Natasha will show you the good, the bad and the ugly in attending La Tomatina Festival in Spain.


79. Here are 20 reasons why you should give solo travel a shot.
80. Ekua discovered the art of toilet squatting through her travels.
81. Brooke struggled with ger camp toilets in Mongolia.
82. The techy traveler Anil got wireless passwords at airports that don’t have free wifi and he will tell you how to do it!
83. Marcos hiked Bromo Volcano’s Savana and Sea of Sand in East Java, Indonesia, alone.
84. Ayngelina gained 10 pounds in 48 hours eating in Ecuador.
85. Shalu wrote a book entitled, “India Travel Survival Guide for Women.” She’s an empowered woman from India.
86. Here are 10 things Melissa won’t tell her parents about her nomadic life.
87. Gloria explains the dangers of traveling as a woman.


88. Couples argue when they travel. John said you should deal with it.
89. Jenny was chasing her love, Paolo in Asia and got detained at Changi International Airport in Singapore.
90. Steph got engaged to another travel blogger in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in 2012.
91. 50 year old couple Jeff and Tamara sold everything they own and traveled the world.
92. Lauren met her boyfriend Jared in Bruges, Belgium.
93. Kiwiaoraki said, “I will meet my soulmate in my travels.” And he did.
94. Here’s Karolina’s take on how not to go crazy when traveling as a couple.
95. Samantha gathered a list of top 6 things to do in Costa Rica as a couple.


Trailer living day 2. #Paracas #Peru #millennialtravel

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96. Christine packed her bags and moved to New York. She made it to the big apple!
97. Grace asked herself if she will love Paris. The answer? She’s still exploring the city at the moment.
98. Menina moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from America because of recession.
99. Karen decided to live in Seville, Spain and write a book about how to enjoy living abroad.
100. Erin moved to Costa Rica and became a moving abroad expert! Hence the name, Ms Move Abroad.

Today’s conversation with a reader who decided to put up her own blog:

“How do you do it? I can’t sit down and write. I have to think.”

“That’s the problem. You think.”

“You don’t think when you write? Really? How is it possible to write without thinking?”

“You feel. Writing is the broth of our experiences. I already told you a lot of times you can do it too. You have loads experiences traveling Asia. Start from there.”

“There are so many travel blogs out there. How do I compete with that? I am having a hard time getting the word out there.”

“Don’t compete. Don’t put the word out there. The readers will find you. I know that because writing is a tool that cuts across geographic, class, gender and racial lines. I received e-mails from a 60-year old man in South Africa; a girl who can’t go to school in Afghanistan; an Australian single parent; a factory worker in Abu Dhabi; a pre-school teacher in Malawi; a gay man in Cebu City; an heir of a rich investment banker in Scandinavia.

“Like how I found you?”


“But I still don’t understand how to write like you.”

“Don’t write like me! WRITE LIKE YOU. Come on, you’ve been to 18 countries.”

“But you’ve been to more!!!”

“That’s not the issue here. All our experiences are different so you have a story to tell! There are things you encountered that I didn’t. We will never have the same exact life story. All you have to do is tell the truth and depict the detail. For example, if someone asks ‘How was your trip in Siquijor?’ don’t just say ‘It was good. It was fun.’ Feel. Why was that trip good? Or fun? Be as specific as you can. Make writing a practice, not a full-time job. Write for yourself, not for other people. Feel joy in expressing your raw and honest thoughts. Do not be apologetic. Connect with your mind and you will be free.”

This is how Ray Bradbury provided me with heart for the path: “How does one get lost? Through incorrect aims, as I have said. Through wanting literary fame too quickly. From wanting money too soon. If only we could remember, fame and money are gifts given us only after we have gifted the world with our best, our lonely, our individual truths.”

“Believe me, you can find your way in this big terrain of ‘blogging’ if you realise that all you need is YOU. Now go. Write, write and write and may it end up very very beautiful. The force is always with you!


Would love to hear your thoughts! Share it on the comment box below. 🙂

Trisha is one of those people who left their comfortable life to travel the world and learn about life. Her style is to stay in one place she likes for 3 months (or more) to know what it feels like to eat, cook, speak and sleep in another culture that isn’t hers. She'd like to believe she's not traditionally traveling but she just chooses to be somewhere else all the time. Trisha also loves extremely spicy food, pineapples, plants and symmetry. In no particular order, her favourite cities in the world are Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong and Tel Aviv. Follow her life adventures on Instagram: @psimonmyway

  1. Jacomijn

    1 June

    Love all these stories!! We travelers have the best ones to Share!! Thank you for sharing mine!!

  2. Sadie

    1 June

    Thank you so much for including my story! This is such a great list!

  3. Great Stories and Great Job collecting all them!
    Trisha, you know how to inspire people and show them that the dream life and the dream trip can be reach, we just need to let our fears go away!
    Cheers girl!
    Happy travels, ks


  4. Thanks for including me! So many great stories here to catch up on! 😉

  5. Kirsty

    2 June

    What an amazing collection of stories from an amazing group of people! That’s my reading for the next few days sorted! 🙂

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    Inspiring collection for sure! 🙂


    14 June

    This is it, Trisha! The grandmother of all travel posts! You are absolutely right, no way one can read everything in one seating. So what do I do? Bookmark and come back time and again and pick up on some good reading and inspiration on places around the world, best of all, to experience (at least in stories) the journeys!

  8. That’s a lot of stories but definitely, there’s also a handful to learn. This blog post is such a gem. I can’t wait to get super rich and try at least half of what these people did haha

  9. Jessica

    14 June

    Truly overwhelming, Trisha. I stop the moment you say so though. Haha. Will get back tomorrow to read more inspiring stories. As I browse, anyway, love that you cover lots of different aspects (luxury, backpacking, couple, etc.)

  10. Mirriam

    14 June

    Lovely, fantastic stories! I cannot even pick one because I love them all. Truly, traveling not only takes us to places but gives us the stories we never thought we could have.

    For the 100 travelers featured herein, cheers to all of you! Trisha, you are one-of-a-kind for making their stories known 🙂

    Mirriam || https://mirriamdictionary.wordpress.com

  11. Wow! What a great idea to collect 100 different travel stories. It’s incredible to see all the different places people have been. And I liked your categories. They are helpful if I want to find a post that matches a particular mood I’m in.

  12. Such a long list of stories. Hehe. Truly, travel does share the most amazing story and experience. 🙂

  13. Rowena Rose

    15 June

    Oh I wish I could do the same! Love the pictures showing how happy you guys are in doing this!

  14. kim

    15 June

    Kudos on all the travel blogs that is listed here you define the word wanderlust. I am enamored by the amount of stories behind the destination. I would like to one day travel with my family around the world. I have just started travelling again locally, maybe then by next year i would go to the places listed here.

  15. This is craaaazyy!!!!!!! I know there are a lot of things to do in this world. But to get to see them be listed like this gives me a more concrete inspiration to travel. I hope to get to do even half of the stuff written in this list given that I spend 40 hours a week in my corporate job 🙂

  16. Klaudia

    15 June

    Wow , what an amazing post . I can see the effort you have put in here , what a list !!! I am a little bit jealous with all you travel bloggers , sometimes I wish I could turn back time and start travelling the world . I would just be worried about some safety money wise and health wise , what if you become serious ill on your journeys ? Oh well , no need to dig out negativity , keep going and keep telling us about !

  17. Dominic

    17 June

    Whoa!! You listed down all your travels and all the minor details! I would love to do some travelling with the family. For now, it’s delayed gratification for me. Anyway, I would love to check out your future adventures in other country.

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    Great list! Thank you for very inspirational blog. Have fun in all your travel!

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