10 affordable hotels worth booking for in Malaysia

10 affordable hotels worth booking for in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, and Penang are the typical whereabouts in Malaysia. With its national parks, temples, sky-high towers, shopping malls, and double-tap worthy architectures, we bet you wouldn’t skip these states come hell or high water.

While you are planning your visit, or still can’t decide on where to get that much needed rest after a long days’ worth of city exploration, I listed easy to compare and book hotels that can be hassle-free booked online with various payment methods!


The seat of Malaysia’s Parliament offers a gustatory mix of Asian cuisine, soaring sight of the 88-storey Petronas Towers, Chinatown, shopping malls, museums, and parks among others. Here’s where to stay when in Kuala Lumpur:

Capitol Hotel

Situated beside Low Yat Plaza and Sungei Wang Shopping Centre is the Capitol Hotel. It rests in a perfect location in KL with occasional sightings of the Petronas Towers and KL Tower from their deluxe rooms!

Le Apple Boutique Hotel

The budget hotel within KL City Centre that is Le Apple is a hospitable one packed with friendly staffs that sure will make your KL even memorable! Meanwhile, a stone’s throw away to Le Apple is the Alor Street where one of the food heavens in the city can be found.

www.flyairways.comGrid 9 Hotel

As the name implies, Grid 9 Hotel lives by the design of a grid where they allow their guests to interact and form a network of jetsetters all over the globe. The hip hotel has a gastropub, pods, and a lounge where lounging and meeting new friends is king.


Hailed as “The Historic State,” in Malaysia, Melaka is one hotspot you surely won’t skip because of its thriving culture and history. Some of its many points of interest include St. Paul’s Church, Bukit China, and Medan Portugis. Here’s where to stay when in Melaka:

Quayside Hotel

Located by the Melaka River, Quayside Hotel was once a customs warehouse that is now a quaint hotel protected by UNESCO World Heritage status. Upon setting foot, its mix of industrial and modern interiors would easily transport you to the preserved, prevailing history of Melaka.

The Baba House

Every stroke of paint brushes, intricate interior, and meticulously curated furniture let live the history and culture of Melaka through its heritage building turned hotel that is The Baba House.

Fenix Inn

Established in 2006, the 82-room hotel has been one of the landmarks in Melaka. It is equally well surrounded with shops and restaurants for a total Melaka experience.


Like Melaka, Penang equally draws tourist influx with its well-kept gems. It is one of the most developed and urbanized states in Malaysia that boasts of its George Town, Snake Temple, and Penang Hill to name some. Here’s where to stay when in Penang:

Tune Hotel

Like all of the Tune Hotels dotted across the world, this one situated in Penang is no stranger to the streamlined, quality basics that’s up for a price that won’t break the bank!

Ink Hotel

Ink Hotel is a fairly new hotel, finished off with minimalist interiors and wood accents for a total clean slate look. Famous Penang food and drinks can also be bought from the hawker stalls fencing the hotel.

Armenian Street Heritage Hotel

Armenian Street Heritage Hotel is humbly tucked in George Town that lets you experience the heyday of Penang in the modern world. The 92-room hotel then takes you back to the long-standing trails of history with its arts and culture speckled along the street of Armenia.

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    Great post with some fab hotels! Choosing where to stay is one of my favourite parts of pre-travel. You should try out a new travel app called Triporia ( It’s a hotel/hostel booking site that has street view built into the app, allowing you to check out the surroundings before you book – pretty cool really.

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